Once you have been injured, you will be unable to participate in your normal working occupation. Apart from the immediate impact of loss of salary, you will no longer be able to make contributions to your superannuation fund. Superannuation providers usually make provision for its members in these circumstances via insurance. Depending upon your fund this may include provision for temporary and/or permanent disability.

Superannuation claims are a complex area and may affect, or be affected by concurrent claims that you may have underway. At Abbey Injury Law our skilled and experienced lawyer will ensure that you achieve the maximum possible benefit as expeditiously as possible.

At Abbey Injury Law we can manage any claim you may have in progress, and additionally, if you have already suffered an unfavourable outcome from your superannuation fund, we can appeal and fight that outcome.
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Time Restrictions

When making a personal injury claim, it is important to understand that varying time constraints exist for varying types of injuries or accidents. It is possible in some cases to achieve extensions depending upon your case, however it cannot be overstated that you should act as quickly as you can. We can help you at Abbey Injury Law to deal with your claim as smoothly as possible.

No Obligation, No Win, No Fee

Abbey Injury Law operates under a ‘no win, no-fee’ basis in almost all cases. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation so we can determine the weight of your claim and fight on your behalf.