workcover claim, worker compensation

WorkCover is a scheme which provides compensation for workers who are injured in the course of their employment. This covers any official work related trips, functions or breaks such as lunch. WorkCover is a ‘no-fault’ system and if you have been injured, you should be entitled to lodge a claim.

WorkCover applies to all types of employees such as:

  • Full or part time workers
  • Teleworkers (those working from home or on a piece-rates)
  • Casual or permanent workers
  • Deemed workers (i.e., those on work experience, voluntary workers, jurors and so on)
  • Some self-employed or contract workers

WorkCover is not used for Commonwealth Government workers or its agencies, for example, Telstra. A separate system called ComCare is used to compensate these workers. If you are unsure which system you fall under, contact Abbey Injury Law as soon as possible.

WorkCover is extremely comprehensive and can be used to provide:

  • Weekly compensation payments
  • One off lump sum impairment payments
  • Common law compensation for negligence or breach of ‘duty of care’
  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Payments to spouses and dependants of deceased employees

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Time Restrictions

When making a personal injury claim, it is important to understand that varying time constraints exist for varying types of injuries or accidents. It is possible in some cases to achieve extensions depending upon your case, however it cannot be overstated that you should act as quickly as you can. We can help you at Abbey Injury Law to deal with your claim as smoothly as possible.


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Abbey Injury Law operates under a ‘no win, no-fee’ basis in almost all cases. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation so we can determine the weight of your claim and fight on your behalf.